How to Shower while Living in a Motorhome

Do motorhomes have a shower? Is showering in a motorhome comfortable? All these questions are answered in this blog.

When deciding to rent a motorhome, whether for long-term or short-term, many questions and doubts come to mind about how the experience will be. One of the most frequently asked questions is…. Where am I going to shower? 

It is important to be well informed before starting the trip, as well as when deciding which motorhome to take on the adventure. At Indie Campers, not all camper vans have a shower, but the ones that do can have either an outdoor or an indoor shower. This information can be found in the description of each motorhome. 

How does the indoor shower work?

If the motorhome model has an indoor shower, it means there is a built-in shower cubicle inside. These showers work in the same way as normal showers, however, the water drained goes directly to a water tank that has to be emptied daily for it to function well.

Below are the Indie Campers motorhome models that have an inside shower.

Active Plus and Motorhome: the shower cubicle works at any time, even when the motorhome is not connected to an electric main, since the water pump is powered by a secondary battery. 

Using hot water in these two models is a different story, since the motorhome will need to be connected to an electrical outlet. Their boiler needs extra electricity to be able to generate heat and thus provide hot water.

Nomad and Atlas: The shower water and hot water boiler work with the internal diesel heating system. This means the motorhome doesn’t need to be connected to electricity to have water or hot water.

How does the outdoor shower work?

Another type of motorhome shower is the outdoor shower. It is always located at the back where there is an extra head with shower control. Enjoy an outdoor shower with this model, ideal for the summer. It is also designed for quick showers that are ideal after the beach or a walk in the countryside. Make sure that you use environmental soap.

At Indie Campers, there is only one model with this type of shower. The other models with built-in shower cubicles usually have this extra shower at the rear.

Sporty: This motorhome model has an outdoor shower located at the back. It is designed for quick showers and to rinse off equipment.

Tips for showering:

The motorhome will become your home away from home when on a road trip. Be sure to remember: 

  • There is a window open every time someone showers to allow ventilation.
  • To close the shower door, release the lever and always check that it is properly closed.
  • To prevent flooding on the floor of the motorhome, make sure that the motorhome is on level ground, whenever the shower is going to be used.
  • Never use the shower when the gray water tank is full. It is important to always check it, to prevent accidents or unpleasant situations. 
  • It may take a while for the hot water to be ready; normally it takes around 10 minutes for the boiler to heat up.

Keep these tips in mind in order to keep the motorhome clean and enjoy a pleasant experience. If you prefer not to shower inside the motorhome or quickly outside, there are always campsites with showers available for guests who spend the night.

Remember to always use common sense and respect the environment as much as possible. Being able to enjoy this experience and be in contact with nature is magnificent, so it’s important to take responsibility for our actions.

Finally, the Customer Service team is always available to answer any questions or doubts.

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