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Campervan Rental in Denmark

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Motorhome Rental Denmark

The geography of Denmark is interesting; the land area is divided into several large islands, often connected by bridges. A total of 5.8 million people live in Denmark, a fairly flat country founded as a kingdom by Vikings in the eighth century. Denmark has been embroiled in many wars but has nonetheless worked its way up as a successful trading nation in the Nordic region and Western Europe. As well as colourful and fascinating cities like Odense and Copenhagen, Denmark has some wonderful natural areas like the Grenz Peninsula and the sandstone cliffs of Møn. Hire a campervan in Denmark and explore all the beautiful corners of the country.

Fun Facts

  • The sea is never more than 70 kilometres away - You are always very close to the sea in Denmark, as the country is quite small and surrounded by water. 
  • The Danish flag is the oldest on earth - In 1219, Denmark became the first nation to have a flag.
  • Denmark is very flat - The highest point is Ejer Baunehøj, 170 metres above sea level.

Camping in Denmark

With its endless coastline, picturesque towns and dense forests, Denmark seems like a paradise for campers. Unfortunately, wild camping is not allowed in this Scandinavian country and you will have to find a designated campsite. This can be a simple spot in the countryside with no facilities or a luxury holiday park with running water and electricity. For history buffs, the fascinating Egeskov castle is a dream destination; find a campsite near it and explore the medieval walls for yourself.

If you love the sea and dune areas, then Thy National Park and the spectacular area around Rubjerg Knude lighthouse are perfect destinations for a motorhome hire in Denmark. If you are more of a forest lover, find a campsite near the Rold Skov forest or plan a trip through hilly Svanninge.

Driving in Denmark

Driving with snow chains is permitted in Denmark during the winter months, but not compulsory.

The 2-digit motorways and 3-digit regional roads are often in perfect condition, with high-quality asphalt. Please note that the rural roads are often unpaved, but accessible with a campervan. In the cities, the roads are in perfect condition. There are no toll roads in Denmark, but crossing the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö is subject to tolls.

Annual Events in Denmark

  • Roskilde Festival, May - Denmark's most popular music festival takes place in Roskilde and welcomes world-famous artists such as Muse, Guns 'n' Roses and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. A one-day ticket costs 1100 DKK.
  • Aarhus Food Festival, September - This festival is a tribute to Danish and Scandinavian cuisine. You get the chance to taste dishes from star chefs and attend cooking workshops. Ticket price from 75 DKK.
  • Moesgaard Viking Moot, July - Traditional festival with role-playing games that simulate battles and the life of Vikings. Ticket price: 140 DKK.
  • Copenhagen Jazz Festival, July - Denmark's largest jazz festival attracts thousands of spectators and hundreds of artists each year. Some performances are free, others cost between 30 and 400 DKK.

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