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Castle at the top of a mountain forest

Motorhome Rental Germany

A motorhome rental in Germany may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about heading out on an adventure. However, you often do not need to head that far afield to find what you’re looking for. Germany has an area of around 350,000 km, so there are endless natural environments and cultural sights to be discovered.

In the North and Baltic Sea, you can sail away with a maritime-rustic charm, while the south and west of Germany lure you in with their mountainous landscapes that are begging to be discovered. The traditional German cuisine is hearty and filling, exactly what you need after a long day outdoors immersed in nature. What’s more, Germans are proud of their beer brewing as well as their viticulture.

A campervan rental in Germany is the perfect base for discovering all the country has to offer. As such, you can combine city trips, including cultural events in the larger cities, with excursions to the surrounding countryside and make your holiday as varied as possible.

Survival Guide

The most important phrases: Hallo. (Hello). Guten Tag. (Good morning or good day.) Guten Abend. (Good evening.) Danke. (Thank you.)

Lunch for two in an average restaurant will most likely set you back around €25 to €30. You can also get a hold of a local snack for less than €10 per person.

If you need to quench your thirst, a large beer (500 ml) generally costs between €3 and €4 in Germany.

Due to the size of the country, there are plenty of different dialects in the different regions, some of which are easier to understand than others. You will no doubt find the people from Hanover the easiest to understand with their clear and standard German accent.

Camping in Germany

Camping holidays are a popular pastime for Germans and tourists. There are over 2,800 campgrounds dotted across the country. Most of the sites are open on a seasonal basis and are closed between October and April.

Wild camping, whether in a tent or in a campervan hire in Germany, is generally prohibited. Parking and staying in recreational areas and nature reserves is permitted, but overnight stays are expressly prohibited. Anyone unfortunate to be caught doing so, especially on private property or on nature reserves, can expect a fine. The amount varies from one region to the next.

There are quite a few stunning places to visit in Germany, and you should not have to drive too far from them to find the nearest campgrounds. For example, the Langholz campgrounds right on the Baltic Sea are the oldest campgrounds in Schleswig-Holstein. If you’re a mountain goat, you can stay on the camping island of Buchau near Murnau am Staffelsee in Bavaria - an absolutely idyllic spot for panoramic mountain views and clear water.

Driving in Germany

The German road network leaves other countries standing. Major cities are always linked to one another by motorways or at least dual carriageways. Unless otherwise indicated by signs, there are no speed limits in place on the motorways. However, a recommended speed of 130 km/h generally applies. Speed limits are no laughing matter here, and motorists are regularly checked by radar. Cars and vans do not have to pay tolls on motorways. Germans drive on the right-hand side, like the rest of continental Europe.

Annual Events in Germany

  • Cologne Carnival (February/March): Carnival is celebrated all over the country, but no one parties quite like they do in Rhineland. Free admission
  • Kiel week (May/ June): Originally just a sailing regatta, Kiel Week has made a name for itself as one of the largest traditional festivals in the north. Admission from €8
  • Rock am Ring (June): An absolute must for all rock lovers for over 30 years - one of the world's largest rock festivals in Nuremberg. Prices start at €200 for a weekend ticket
  • Oktoberfest (September): Probably the world’s most famous traditional festival is held in Munich in September, despite its misleading name. Admission to the event is free
  • Festival of Lights (October): Unique, spectacular light installations bring the capital Berlin to life in an array of colours. Entry is free.

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