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Waterfall in Iceland

Motorhome Rental Iceland

Iceland is known for its beauty and uniqueness, such as large waterfalls, the black sand beach and the large mountains all over the country.

The country is split between two continents, you can actually see and stand on either side of the continental divide. Iceland campervan hire is famous for visiting the country’s hot springs, geysers and often active volcanoes. Lava fields cover much of the land and hot water is pumped from under the ground to supply much of the country's heating, but also supply heat to the country’s hot springs.

Iceland is not only full of beautiful places but also has a very rich history. The history is fascinating and worth reading up on before travelling to Iceland.

Survival Guide

  • Hæ or Halló—Hello
  • Takk or Takk fyrir—Thank you
  • The price of a meal can vary depending on what you buy, but it's rare to not be paying at least €12.50 either in the store or elsewhere.
  • Alcohol is very expensive with a beer having an average cost of €8.50.
  • Some of Icelands unique traditions are: having thirteen Santa clauses giving children gifts and celebrating interesting days like Írskir dagar (in Akranes).

Camping in Iceland

To protect the natural beauty of the country, wild camping in your motorhome hire in Iceland is no longer permitted. You must stay in one of Iceland's many campsites or gain the permission of the landowner to spend the night on private land. But that doesn't mean camping isn't available in great places. Campsites are all over Iceland, so you won't have trouble finding campsites ranging from campsite Reykjavík to þórisstaðir or even the campgrounds in Álftanes which has a rich history behind it too.

Driving in Iceland

In Iceland, the roads are pretty good if you're staying on the main road. However, smaller roads, even popular ones, tend to be unpaved. Some are pure gravel and are safe as long as you drive slowly. There are no main road tolls or any campervan tolls that you have to worry about. Icelanders drive on the right side of the road.

Annual Events in Iceland

  • Þorri is something that originates from Iceland's Vikings. A lot of Icelanders come together in January or February to eat Iceland's delicacies including shark, hangikjöt, and the head of a lamb. This is an event you can join for free.
  • Bolludagur is the most delicious event in Iceland and occurs in February. Every bakery and probably every grandmother bakes delicious 'bollur' (buns with cream inside). Each ‘Bolla’ starts from €17.
  • Þjóðhátíð is probably Iceland's most popular event. Occurring at the end of July and bringing hundreds of people together to the small island next to Iceland in Vestmannaeyjar. Everyone who has tickets, sleep in tents on a big hill with a stage in front, singing and drinking until morning. The tickets start from €135.

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