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Campervan and Motorhome Rental in Saxony

Rent a campervan or motorhome in Saxony and discover stunning castles, lush forests, and regal mountains. This region offers bountiful nature to relax in or explore. Enjoy the best of German wilderness when you travel by campervan through Saxony, Germany.

National Parks in Saxony

Saxony is well known for its endless outdoor recreational opportunities. Explore Germany's only rock national park at Saxony-Switzerland National Park or hike along sections of the seven nationally recognised trails that cross Saxony.

Drive your campervan or motorhome hire east of Leipzig to encounter the Saxony-Switzerland National Park. This park consists of sandstone canyons, flowery meadows, moors, and rolling forests. Hike into the Elebe Sandstone Mountains for stunning panoramic views. Avid hikers will enjoy a trip up the Painters' Way trail for an unparalleled experience of the park. 

Continue your campervan road trip to the Upper Lusatian Mountain Trail. While not a national park, this trail weaves between three countries across idyllic valleys, densely wooded mountains, and fascinating rock formations. The trail is 114 km long but has several access points from which you can start hiking. 

The Vogtland PanoramaWeg trail is also worth visiting. Reach the famed Saxony state baths and numerous stunning vistas, and even visit a stately castle. The trail is 225 km in total but is broken down into sections ranging from 12 to 24 km–a breeze for all levels of hikers.

Saxony's Lakes and Rivers

While Saxony is landlocked, it has no shortage of lakes, rivers, and streams to explore in your campervan rental.

Drive your campervan or motorhome hire south from Leipzig to dip in Cospudener See, or "Cossi", as the locals call it. Perfect for swimming and sunbathing, Cossi is a local favourite. 

Alternatively, take an eastbound detour in your campervan or motorhome hire to catch a glimpse of the Barwalder See. Vast swaths of golden sand are a beautiful contrast to the deep blue water. Walk along piers, go kite surfing, swim, take a cycling tour, or go fishing. The activities are numerous around Barwalder See. 

Of course, a campervan road trip through Saxony would only be complete with a float down the Elbe with a canoe. To take advantage of the river, the best access points are located just outside Dresden. Ride horses, take a boat tour, or hike along its banks. 

Campgrounds in Saxony

Hiring a campervan or motorhome in Saxony gives you the ability to explore further than ever before. As you begin to prepare for your journey, it's important that you have a safe place to stay each night. 

Here are a few campgrounds you might consider staying at as you drive your campervan or motorhome rental across the incredible Saxony countryside: Campingplatz Landidyll, Kleine Bergoase Sächsische Schweiz, Campingpark Grünewalder Lauch, and Luxoase-Freizeitpark.

Saxony offers an impressive amount of wilderness to explore. Whether you begin your journey in Leipzig or Berlin, you're certain to be amazed at the spectacular beauty of this region. Hire your campervan or motorhome in Saxony and embark on a grand adventure through the German Southeast.

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