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Motorhome and Camper van hire in Seville | Indie Campers

The best fleet of motorhomes and campe rvans for rent in Seville

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  • 2.000+ campervans all across Europe

  • One-way trips available

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  • 24/7 Pick-up & Drop-off (Indie fleet)

  • Airport transfer available (Indie fleet)

  • Insurance & 100% free road assistance

  • Bedding, kitchen & cleaning kit (Indie fleet)

  • Unlimited kms available (Indie fleet)

Our own campervans for rental in Seville

These campervans and motorhomes are available at our local depots in Seville. Find out which fits your road trip best.

Side view of Indie Campers Sporty campervan

Fiat Ducato/Talento or Renault Traffic Diesel, 2016-18

30 CH2 2.0 Multijet 115

  • 4 People

    Seating and beds for 4 people

  • Dimensions

    4,96m x 2,69m x 2,75m

  • WC

    Optional as extra

  • 2 convertible double beds

    Lower - 1.90m x 1.55m | Upper - 1.90m x 1.45m

Side view of the Active Model

Fiat Ducato Diesel, 2017-18

MH2, 2.0 Multijet 115

  • 4 People

    Seating and beds for 4 people

  • Dimensions

    5,41m x 2,69m x 2,75m

  • WC

    Shower and Portable Toilet included

  • 2 fixed double beds

    Lower - 1.87m x 1.40m | Upper - 1.80m x 1.40m

Side view of the Nomad Model

Fiat Ducato Diesel, 2019-21 (manufactured by Weinsberg)

L3H2 2.3 Multijet 130

  • 4 People

    Seating and beds for 4 people

  • Dimensions

    6m x 2,69m x 2,75m

  • WC

    Integrated Bathroom with Shower

  • 2 convertible double beds

    Lower - 1.83m x 1.27m | Upper - 1.70m x 1.20m

Side view of the Atlas motorhome Model
Atlas (5 people)

Fiat Ducato Diesel, 2020-21 (manufactured by Knaus)

2.3 Multijet 130

  • 5 People

    Seating and beds for 5 people

  • Dimensions

    7,01m x 3,00m x 2,79m

  • WC

    Integrated Bathroom with Shower

  • 3 double beds

    Rear - 2.01m x 1.33m | Lifting - 2.10m x 1.23m | Convertible - 1.92m x 140m

What you should know about Seville

Here’s some essential information for campervan travellers in Seville

Find Us

Starting your road trip in Seville? If you’re arriving by aeroplane at San Pablo Airport, you can either come directly to our depot or book our shuttle service and we pick you up at San Pablo Airport and take you to our depot, where we’ll get you familiar with your motorhome. After returning your motorhome at our Seville depot you can head back on your own or book our shuttle service back to the airport.


It’s not easy to park in Seville’s centre. The underground parks are too short for your campervan’s height and street parking is nearly impossible to find with your van. Locals leave their car in “Ronda de los Tejares”, near a sidewalk – it’s free and apparently you don’t get fined. For your (and your wallet’s) safety, leave your campervan or motorhome at Metro station Blas Infante, where parking is free.


You’ll find a few spots to spend the night in Seville. We recommend Area Sosta Camper, a campervan and motorhome area where you can spend the night and/or park your van for 12€/day. You’ll find reasonable facilities there and it’s close to the city centre.

About Seville

An extravagant cocktail of thousands of years of history and the lavish riches of the conquistadors, sightly Seville is so out of this world it’s perhaps the world’s most favorite movie set.

Seville is out of this world – seriously! The birthplace of flamenco and Velázquez will have you travelling through time and space in no time. Just park your campervan and walk down any of this city’s streets. Plaza de España, with its impressive governmental buildings, is like a wormhole to the Star Wars galaxy (no wonder, since they filmed a scene here). And while it’s unlikely you’ll spot R2D2, you might still encounter an epic fight in the Game of Thrones’ city of Dorne – or should we call it Alcazar? And if you love Game of Thrones, why not get in your RV, drive 80km and test your luck trying to find a few dragons in the Plaza de Toros of Osuna? With so many worlds to explore, just hire your campervan in Seville and get ready for a true odyssey through time and space!

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