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Campervan hire in Sicily

Campervan Rental in Sicily

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blue ocean with beach and green palm trees in Sicily

Motorhome Rental Sicily

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, is a pearl to be explored from top to bottom. It is a land rich in history, but also in natural and architectural beauty. What is most striking is the majesty of archaeological sites such as the Temple of Concordia, an almost completely preserved Greek temple near Agrigento. Here you will find some of the most evocative beaches in Italy, such as those of the Zingaro Nature Reserve, with splendid cliffs overlooking the sea. Finally, we recommend taking a tour when you hire a motorhome in Sicily around Palermo, Taormina and Agrigento, where you can immerse yourself in ancient history and art.

Survival guide

How to say "Hello!": "Ciao!"

How to say, "Thank you": "Grazie"

There are several dialects in Sicily, one for each city.

The price of a meal for two is around €40.

The price of a 0.5 beer is about €5.

The art of building Sicilian Wagons is the most important tradition of the island, handed down from generation to generation.


Sicilian cuisine is one of the oldest and most complex in the country, full of flavours rooted in popular traditions. The symbol of Sicily is the Sicilian cannoli, the famous rolled fried dough wafer filled with fresh ricotta. Another food much loved by the locals is the arancino, a very tasty cone of stuffed, breaded and fried rice. Among the starter dishes, we recommend trying pasta alla Norma and pasta with sardines, typically Palermo. Finally, to end with a flourish, try the liqueur called Fuoco dell'Etna.

Annual Events in Sicily

  • Infiorata di Noto (May): famous event in which artists create fantastic works of flowers on slabs of lava. Free event.
  • Feast of Sant'Agata (February and August): an event of global importance with breath-taking fireworks. Free event
  • Sagra dell'Arancia (April): event to celebrate Sicilian oranges, with tastings and folk dances. Free event.

Camping in Sicily

  • La Spiaggetta Camping Site: located in Sampieri, near two paradise beaches. Campervan prices: €15/day in the off-peak season - €20-25/day in peak season.
  • La Palma Camping Site: shaded campsite by the sea, a few kilometres from Selinunte archaeological park. Campervan prices: €15/day in the off-peak season - €20/day in peak season.
  • Carratois Camping Site: campsite located near a long sandy beach with shallow, crystalline waters. Campervan prices: €20-25/day in the off-peak season - €30-35/day in peak season.

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