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Country side windmills in Spain

Campervan and Motorhome Rental in Spain

Rental a campervan or motorhome in Spain and discover the rich culture, delectable cuisine, and magnificent wilderness of the Iberian Peninsula. From sandy Mediterranean beaches to the rugged foothills of the Pyrenees Mountain Range, Spain is the perfect place for adventure-loving travellers to get in touch with Europe's most stunning landscapes. 

Spain National Parks

Spain is home to 16 scenic and captivating national parks. Drive your campervan or motorhome hire from the hidden alpine lakes of the north to the sparkling turquoise coast of southern Spain.

Just south of Madrid , Cabaneros National Park, often called the "Spanish Serengeti", will give you a chance to meet playful otters, rare and endangered birds, and duelling deer. This savannah-esque landscape is one of the last Mediterranean forests left for exploration. 

Drive your campervan or motorhome rental from Barcelona and visit any of the 200 pristine lakes hidden in the conifer forests of Aiguestortes National Park–the only Catalonian National Park. Or, head west from Barcelona to the impressive Caldera de Taburiente National Park. This 10 km caldera lies deep in the mountains and is home to cascading waterfalls and brightly painted rocks. 

Explore unequivocal natural diversity in Spain's largest national park: Sierra Nevada National Park. Lush valleys, twisting rivers, and rugged alpines are all connected by an endless network of trails and roads. Explore this national park by driving your campervan hire into the heart of the mighty Sierra Nevada. 

Spain Coastlines, Lakes, and Rivers

Located on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain has over 3,000 miles of sparkling coastline to explore on your campervan adventure. Visit the southern Costa del Sol in Malaga or Costa de la Luz that spans the Andalusia region from Huelva to Cadiz. Continue your road trip through the southwest into the Portuguese Algarve to experience coastal caves and white sand beaches. These beaches offer sun-drenched beaches, enchanting rock islands, and warm Mediterranean water for you to dive into. 

Drive your campervan or motorhome rental through north-western Spain , and explore the staggering cliffs and intricate network of estuaries on the Galician Coastline. Quaint vineyards, natural coastal gardens, and exquisite gastronomy also characterise the coastal landscape that surrounds Bilbao. 

For a freshwater adventure, head towards the Puebla de Sanabria just outside Leon. This huge glacial lake offers pristine ecosystems to swim and explore. You can also hike or bike to the lakes Enol, Ercina, and Covadonga. The jagged peaks of the Picos de Europa mountain range crown these three picturesque alpine lakes.

Drive your campervan or motorhome hire to a lower altitude to discover the Rio Guadiana. The river hides several small beaches along its banks. Explore the river by kayak or foot, or simply set a beach towel down and relax in the stunning scenery of the Guadiana River Basin. 

Campgrounds in Spain

A safe place to park your campervan or motorhome hire is essential when travelling through Spain. It's always a good idea to call ahead to ensure that wherever you're planning on staying for the evening can accommodate the size of your campervan. 

Many campsites in Spain are able to be reserved months in advance; however, some do operate on a "first come, first served basis." Here are a few campgrounds you might consider spending the night at on your iconic Spanish campervan excursion: Camping Playa Arenillas, Campground Las Lomas, Campground Rio Mundo, and Sol i Neu campground. 

For more how-to guides and tips to prepare for your adventure through Spain, check out our blog . Rent a campervan or motorhome in Spain to discover diverse landscapes and bountiful culture. It's sure to be the drive of a lifetime. 

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