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Campervan hire Switzerland

Campervan Rental in Switzerland

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Country side lake in the swiss alps

Motorhome Rental Switzerland

A small country, offering a great diversity of landscapes, traditions and even languages (French, German, Italian and Romansh). A campervan hire in Switzerland is the perfect way to see all the country has to offer. Admire the famous Toblerone mountain, the Matterhorn in Zermatt, then stroll along the shores of Europe's largest lake, Lake Geneva in Montreux, and don’t forget tasting a cheese fondue at the Château de Gruyère! This is just a glimpse of what Switzerland has to offer you. Beautiful mountain roads will also accompany you to Ticino, through Grisons and across the Alps, with each new day bringing a different unique and breathtaking backdrop. Several Swiss cities are well known throughout Europe: Geneva for its international institutions and its incredible water fountain, Montreux for its lively jazz festival, Lucerne for its medieval wooden bridge, and Zürich as the strong Swiss economic centre.

Survival Guide

  • Hello -> Grüzer (pronounced groo-za, Swiss German), Bonjour (French), Ciao (Italian) and Bun di (Romansh)
  • Thank you -> Danke (pronounced dan-ker, Swiss German), Merci (French), Gracie (Italian) and Grazia (Romansh)
  • On average, it costs between £30/€35 and £40/€45 for a meal for two people in a restaurant 
  • For a beer, it’s about £4/€4.50
  • The 24 Swiss regions offer a wide variety of culinary traditions (cheese fondue in Fribourg, risotto in Ticino or veal stew in Zurich), make sure you try everything you can!

Camping in Switzerland

Switzerland offers a diverse range of campsites. 

The regulations concerning wilderness camping in a motorhome hire in Switzerland are not uniform throughout the country but vary from region to region. The easiest way to research this is to download the Park4Night app, which lists places that allow wild camping as well as traditional camping grounds. We advise you to stay in the places indicated by the app, which is up to date with the law. We recommend the Brienz campsite, a haven of peace resting along the turquoise waters of Lake Brienz, and the official camping grounds at Lake Retaud, nestled in the Diablerets mountains.

Driving in Switzerland

The main roads are very well maintained and of a suitable size for campervans. Some mountain roads may be narrower and more winding. To drive on Swiss motorways, there is only an annual fee in the form of a vignette (£30), which can be purchased at all petrol stations and at customs. When you rent a campervan in Switzerland with us, the road tax is already covered.  

Cars drive on the right-hand side of the road.

Annual Events in Switzerland

  • Basel Carnival - 7-9th March 2022: Dive into the magic of this traditional festival with its Guggen music and fancy costumes
  • Grütli - 1st August: Spend the national holiday on the shores of Lake Lucerne with lanterns, traditional dances and fireworks, a true entry into Swiss culture
  • Locarno Film Festival - 4-14th August 2021: an open-air cinema in the heart of the city.
  • La désalpe de Charmey - 25th September 2021: The celebrated descending of farm animals in traditional dress and decorations from the mountain pastures of the Gruyère region to the plains of Charmey.
  • Saint-Nicolas, Fribourg - 4th December 2022: Discover St-Nicolas, his donkey and his traditional winter cookies!

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