Comfortable and luxurious Class C RV I Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 28A

Four Winds Plus

Embark on a journey of boundless possibilities with the Four Winds Plus, a marvel of exploration and camaraderie. Crafted to be more than just a campervan, this extended version of our Four Winds model invites you to create memories that linger long after the road dust settles. Its interior is a canvas of comfort, featuring a roomy living area, a kitchen that beckons culinary adventures, a complete bathroom, a thoughtful closet, and sleeping quarters that cradle dreams. The living area unfolds with a dinette table, a stage for laughter, stories, and shared meals. The kitchen, adorned with three gas hobs, a sink, a microwave, and a substantial fridge, transforms mundane cooking into a culinary journey on wheels. The bathroom, a sanctuary on the move, boasts a washbasin, a toilet, and a shower with warm cascading water – a touch of home in every mile. In the realm of dreams, the Four Winds Plus offers three double beds and 1 single bed. As the stars embrace the night sky, find solace in the serenity of a restful sleep, knowing that your journey is etched in the embrace of this mobile sanctuary. Beyond its allure, the Four Winds Plus unveils additional features – rear storage, integrated heating, and air conditioning. Enriching the adventure further, it comes bundled with Indie Campers' signature services – 24/7 support and roadside assistance, a cleaning kit, and a kitchen kit. With the Four Winds Plus, the road is not just a route; it's a passage to untold stories, breathtaking landscapes, and the camaraderie of shared experiences. Unleash your wanderlust, break free from the ordinary, and let the Four Winds Plus be your accomplice in creating a saga of extraordinary journeys.

Ford 7.3L V8

Seating and beds for 7 people

7,4m x 3m without mirrors x 3,4m

Integrated Bathroom with Shower

60 x 74”, 52 x 96”, 42 x 70”, 60 x 60”