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Bavaria Road Trip: the best from Munich to Salzburg


560 km


6 - 8

Recom. Days


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Bavaria Road Trip Itinerary

Bavaria road trip map itinerary

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Zipping around on the Autobahn is quick and efficient, so rent a campervan and set out from Munich to explore on this one-week Bavaria road trip. Germany’s southern border is dotted with pastoral villages and clifftop castles, with many of the country’s most scenic campgrounds.

You’ll visit important historic sites like the moving Dachau Concentration Camp and fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle. Discover classical music just over the border in Salzburg and unwind on pristine Lake Chiemsee.

Throughout your Munich road trip, be sure to sample authentic Bavarian foods like Weisswurst (white sausage), Kaiserschmarrn (scrambled pancakes), and Käsespätzle (mac and cheese).

Schwangau is Germany's most iconic castle and a must-see on this Bavaria travel itinerary
Pick-up in
Munich depot

Take time to remember and reflect in Dachau

Basing yourself at one of Munich’s many surrounding campgrounds, a visit to Dachau is an important pilgrimage, though indeed a solemn experience. Established in 1933, Dachau was one of the first Nazi concentration camps.

Nowadays, the site has been transformed into an incredibly moving museum and memorial. Though once a place of unspeakable horror, Dachau today serves as a sobering reminder of the past, so that history does not repeat itself.

Give yourself a few hours of your Bavaria travel itinerary to explore the site unrushed and let its stories sink in. When you’re ready, leave your campervan back at the campsite, hop onto public transit, and treat yourself to a more light-hearted evening back in Munich.

The city’s many lively beer gardens beckon! One of our favourites is Augustiner-Keller, a buzzing Biergarten within staggering distance of Munich Central station.




Recom. Days

Main route





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Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site

Nazi concentration camp turned museum and memorial

Eat at



Classic Bavarian beer garden in Munich

RV icon


Carpark Cristal


Next to Munich Central train station

Stay at

Campingplatz München-Obermenzing

Convenient to Dachau & Munich centre


Schwangau’s fairytale castles and beer-brewing monks

Plan to arrive in Schwangau early, as its most popular attraction draws huge crowds of tourists year-round. The enchanting Neuschwanstein Castle is worth it, though.

Perched on a hilltop high above the Bavarian Alps, it looks like something straight out of a fairytale, because well, it is! The iconic limestone façade and deep blue turrets served as Walt Disney’s inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Disneyland.

Make sure you have at least a full day to see the castle and use the next day to add some interesting detours to your Bavaria travel itinerary. If time allows on your way to Salzburg, visit Linderhof Palace, another rather ostentatious abode of King Ludwig II’s.

Otherwise, park your campervan in the charming village of Ettal and explore the Benedictine monastery with its elaborate, frescoed dome. Strangely enough, the monks who lived here brewed their own beer, which you can still sample (responsibly) in the abbey’s liqueur distillery.




Recom. Days

Main route





You can find Indie Campers RV rentals in more than 40 different cities and destinations across Europe.


Schloss Neuschwanstein

Famous hilltop castle, right out of a fairytale

Ettal Abbey

Benedictine monastery with frescoed dome

Eat at

Restaurant Hirsch


Bavarian cuisine in a fairytale hotel

Ettaler Mühle


Authentic biergarten near Ettal Abbey

RV icon


Parkplatz Ettal

Convenient place to stop in Ettal

Stay at

Camping Brunnen


Lakeside campground close to castle


The hills are very much alive en route to Salzburg

Driving east on the famous Autobahn, you’ll reach Austria in no time. The attractive city of Salzburg is just twenty minutes from the border, with Alpine mountains to the south and the Salzach River running through its centre.

The left bank contains Salzburg’s medieval Old Town, watched over by the imposing hilltop fortress, Hohensalzburg. On the right bank, you’ll find the captivating Mirabell Palace and its opulent gardens, one of many Salzburg filming locations for The Sound of Music.

Pick up a Salzburg Card from the tourism office and skip the queues at most major museums and attractions. There is much to explore here, so plan on staying put for a few days to get your fix of baroque architecture, classical concerts, and stunning Alpine views.




Recom. Days

Main route





You can find Indie Campers RV rentals in more than 40 different cities and destinations across Europe.


Festung Hohensalzburg

Take the funicular uphill for panoramic city views

Schloss Mirabell

Made famous by a certain movie-musical

Mozart’s Birthplace

Once the composer’s home, now a museum

Eat at

Bio Burger Meister

Budget-friendly burger joint

Augustiner Bräu


Traditional Austrian tavern & brewery

Afro Cafe


Cool and colourful African cafe

RV icon




Stay at

Camping Panorama Stadtblick


Sweeping Alpine views, close to town


Bavaria’s largest lake and a dreamy castle in Chiemsee

Zipping back towards Munich, the final stop on this Bavaria travel itinerary is the stunning Lake Chiemsee. Nicknamed the “Bavarian Sea” on account of its enormous size, Chiemsee is a popular overnight trip from Munich with a charming nearby town centre and multiple lakeside campgrounds.

On the largest of the lake’s three islands, you’ll find the extravagant Herrenchiemsee Palace, another castle built by the vain King Ludwig II. Styled after Versailles, the palace remains unfinished and has since been transformed into a museum and gallery.

All accessible by a quick ferry ride, the lake’s islands also contain a Benedictine monastery, beer gardens, and multiple scenic nature trails. After an adventure-packed road trip, you’ll enjoy relaxing and admiring stunning views of the shimmering Chiemsee lake.

Rest well and in the morning, stop in the nearby town of Prien for a hearty breakfast before you bid Auf Wiedersehen to Bavaria and head back to Munich.




Recom. Days

Main route





You can find Indie Campers RV rentals in more than 40 different cities and destinations across Europe.


Schloss Herrenchiemsee

Sumptuous island palace in the middle of the lake

Eat at

Schlosswirtschaft Herrenchiemsee


Island eaterie with lake views



Casual coffee and breakfast spot in town

RV icon


Parkplatz am Bahnhofplatz

Convenient parking in town centre

Stay at

Panorama Camping Harras


Lakeside location and nice facilities

Drop-off in
Munich depot

100 km

from Chiemsee



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