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Corsica Road Trip: Cover the island in a week or more


+530 km


8 - 12

Recom. Days


Trip type

Ilona Iftode

Word wrestler with a travel obsession. Ready at all times to leave the comfort of the known for the bitter-sweet discomfort of the unknown. Willing to get hurt in the process.

Corsica Road Trip Itinerary

On this extended Corsica road trip, find out why Corsica makes hearts beat faster and pulses relax. Discover a timeless paradise that knows how to make a road trip memorable, with roots running deep into the past, its story on display through a mix of landscapes, attractions, and activities. 

But the island is more than a place of ancient ruins and citadels. Corsica’s coast is dotted with amazing blue-flag beaches, sleepy fishermen’s towns, and there’s always an opportunity to practice watersports of some kind. This Corsica road trip covers it all.

Pick-up in
Bastia depot
Drop-off in
Bastia depot

57 km

from Bastia Aeroport

57 min